Rockhampton Aquatic Centre

Location: Rockhampton, Australia

Status: Completed, Awaiting professional photography

The Rockhampton Aquatic Centre project involves the design of the new masterplan and sets of new buildings and structures for a newly planned brief, all as a part of the overall regeneration of the existing Rockhampton’s Southside Memorial Pool complex. Our work, in collaboration with Liquid Blu, a Brisbane based Architectural practice, is to provide a Concept, Lead and Detail Design services for the overall scheme and the brief listed below:

Masterplan includes 50m FINA approved Olympic Pool; Refurbishment of the 25m Swimming pool; Refurbishment of the Diving pool; Children’s Leisure Pool; Landscaped Areas for Activity, BBQ and Leisure; Main New Building; Reception/Offices; Changing Amenities; Indoor Learn to Swim Pool; Cafe; Lounge and Retail; Main Refurbished Building; Community Area; Additional Changing Amenities


Warringah Aquatic Centre

Location: Sydney, Australia

Status: In Progress

TIA was commissioned by Liquid Blu to produce a detailed feasibility study for the refurbishment of an existing pool facility with the addition of a new leisure & community building to create one large leisure / aquatic centre for the public. Architecturally the aspirations were to visually integrate the new building with the existing one, which proved to be a challenge due to a quite strong brutalist language of the mid-70’es existing building and the desires for a contemporary architecture of the addition. We achieve visual harmony with expressing the concrete lids of the new building in loosely similar forms of half-hexagonal exposed concrete soffit elements of the existing one and large volumes & airiness of both buildings.


Green Square Aquatic Centre

Location: Sydney, Australia

Status: Competition

The regeneration of disused public space is an essential process in developing new opportunities for social exchange, wellbeing and community engagement. Our design exists as a series of connected platforms reinforcing the site history and our connection to the landscape. The inner city bock pattern is used to create sizeable elevated parkland over a series of open and enclosed volumes below. The facilities address the community-wide need for recreational facilities suitable for all ages, genders, and physical abilities. In recognition of the design briefs ‘Green’ vision, we have conceived this proposal as one large multi-level parkland. The design employs leading sustainable techniques in green roof technology, which encourages rainwater harvesting, helps insulate the building’s interior, and promotes new flora and fauna habitats.


Port Douglas Lagoon

Location: Port Douglas, Australia

Status: In Progress

We were commissioned by Liquid Blu to come up with a creative concept for the human-made 'lagoon', a nature-inspired swimming pool with accompanying amenities. The brief was of particular interest to us as it called for innovative integration of architecture with nature to create a landscaped feel of the project.

We have come up with an idea to integrate all buildings within landscaped mounds creating a seamless landscaped project with uninterrupted vistas to the lagoon.