Camberwell Residential

Location: Camberwell, London

Status: Completed

TIA was commissioned to design a residential development in Camberwell, South East London. The existing site contained a derelict building which was left abandoned for over 35 years. During this time the building was closed and blocked up, filled with decades-old disused old furniture, tools and junk.

We have kept only the two external corner walls, with the complete reorganisation of the internal spaces and the addition of the ultra-modern contemporary extension. The design philosophy originates from the building’s history, client’s requirements and the neighbourhood’s desperate need for regeneration with establishing a clear architectural division between the ‘older’ part of the house and the contemporary new extension.


Stairwell in the Middle – Contemporary Loft

Location: Clapham, London

Status: Completed

Our client presented an interesting brief to maximise the internal footprint where no extension could have been approved. We chose a non-standard option to inject a new feature stairwell directly underneath the roof where no space would have been useful in the loft. Paired with that, we used the stairwell as a main feature in the living room and as a way to provide much needed natural light in the middle of the floor-plan.


Rickstones Neighbourhood Centre

Location: Witham, Essex

Status: In Planning

We have been commissioned to design a new neighbourhood centre in Witham, Essex. This new planned significant development consists of 21 residential units and 450m2 of commercial space and the surrounding public space. Situated in a heavily constrained context the main architectural concepts originate from the landscape setting of the scheme, utilising the southern aspect for a dominant residential orientation and views. The street, north-facing facades are designed to be more formal addressing the nearby context in an appropriate way.


Annie Street Apartments

Location: Brisbane, Austalia

Status: Completed

The Annie Street project contains five luxury apartments in the inner city Brisbane suburb of New Farm.

The apartments contain a generous and luxury one bedroom ground floor apartment with private garden and four luxury three bedroom apartments with private terraces at first and second levels. Covered parking, located at the ground level, can be reached via a secluded driveway. The design pays full respect to Brisbane’s hot climate by opening all apartments to the north and eastern aspect to maximise light and breeze with large solid walls to the west to shield the residences from the harsh afternoon sun. This passive design principal defines the developments functional planning and overall massing, scale and form.

We have executed this project in collaboration with the local architectural practice Liquid Blu, who has provided us with the brief and planning directions.


Contemporary Detail with a Victorian Spirit

Location: Clapham, London

Status: Completed

Our client presented a straightforward brief which was to respect the spirit of the dwellings Victorian character but still create a contemporary loft refurbishment filled with sunlight. We responded to this brief by designing a suspended perforated gallery level which feels like floating above the top floor level and is connected to the loft level with a spiral stair. We chose a rich spiral form derived from the Golden Section to produce a sweeping spiral stair which gave balance to both Victorian style and the desired contemporary/industrial feel of the new space. Through detailed exposed metal work and subtle baroque-like forms, this contemporary intervention also gives respect to the old Victorian spirit. The gallery utilises it’s west-facing unobstructed views to Clapham Common to provide a beautiful place for spending an afternoon and enjoying the setting sun.


19th Century Stone Wall Construction meets a Kinetic Copper Roof

Location: Boka Bay, Montenegro

Status: In Progress

We are currently undertaking the redevelopment of a 19th Century stone wall beach house, which was once an old Shepherd’s cottage and one of a few buildings to survive a devastating earthquake in 1979. The site is situated 10m from the beach in Bijela, Boka Kortoska Bay, Montenegro and exists as a dilapidated two-level stone house. The brief for the redevelopment was to add another floor to create two separate units. The brief also asked for enhanced security during the vacant periods of the house. We chose to redevelop the beach house to incorporate a contemporary angular roof form which increases in volume to the south to exploit its bay views. To complement the rough cut traditional stone, we chose a vibrant and shiny copper with expressed standing seam fin joints to indicate current cladding methods, and large picture frame glass dormers to the east and north which respond in proportion and position to the old windows recessed into the stone wall below.


House on Stilts – City Escape Cottage

Location: Belgrade, Serbia

Status: In Progress

We received this unusual brief for the redevelopment & extension of the existing river-house on stilts where the client wanted to build it themselves on a minimal budget. Our proposal included extending the concrete frame to the back for one field which allowed an additional extra area for the terrace and the internal areas. We have kept the existing building fabric, and the pitched roof which with the addition gave a butterfly pitched roof structure used for opening the views to the unspoiled forest at the back. The new roof structure also allowed for rainwater harvesting, stored to the side of the house. Internally, space orientates around a central fireplace, with additional storage/sleeping area located on top of the bathroom cubicle to the back.