Stairwell in the Middle – Contemporary Loft

Location: Clapham, London

Status: Completed

Our client presented an interesting brief to maximise the internal footprint where no extension could have been approved. We chose a non-standard option to inject a new feature stairwell directly underneath the roof where no space would have been useful in the loft. Paired with that, we used the stairwell as a main feature in the living room and as a way to provide much needed natural light in the middle of the floor-plan.


Camberwell Residential

Location: Camberwell, London

Status: Completed

TIA was commissioned to design a residential development in Camberwell, South East London. The existing site contained a derelict building which was left abandoned for over 35 years. During this time the building was closed and blocked up, filled with decades-old disused old furniture, tools and junk.

We have kept only the two external corner walls, with the complete reorganisation of the internal spaces and the addition of the ultra-modern contemporary extension. The design philosophy originates from the building’s history, client’s requirements and the neighbourhood’s desperate need for regeneration with establishing a clear architectural division between the ‘older’ part of the house and the contemporary new extension.


Trade Spitalfields

Location: Commercial Street, London
Status: Completed

Twist In Architecture was commissioned to design a restaurant/coffee shop in the prominent & busy Commercial Street, just 2 minutes away from trendy Spitalfields Market. The existing run-down space went through several modelling changes, and the interior fit-out to create an entirely new feel of the shop. We wanted to achieve a warm and materially expressive interior and to break away from the shabby-chic norm. 
Coffee and home-made food are the pride of the ‘Trade’ offer, and therefore the beautiful coffee machine and lovingly prepared food are found in the most prominent position of the shop. We envisaged the main counter as a long linear element connecting three unique spaces: display, preparation and seating with slight geometrical twists to accommodate the most practical use. The material palette consists of warm elements like timber, plywood and brick, while copper tubes became the signature feature of Trade.


Contemporary Detail with a Victorian Spirit

Location: Clapham, London

Status: Completed

Our client presented a straightforward brief which was to respect the spirit of the dwellings Victorian character but still create a contemporary loft refurbishment filled with sunlight. We responded to this brief by designing a suspended perforated gallery level which feels like floating above the top floor level and is connected to the loft level with a spiral stair. We chose a rich spiral form derived from the Golden Section to produce a sweeping spiral stair which gave balance to both Victorian style and the desired contemporary/industrial feel of the new space. Through detailed exposed metal work and subtle baroque-like forms, this contemporary intervention also gives respect to the old Victorian spirit. The gallery utilises it’s west-facing unobstructed views to Clapham Common to provide a beautiful place for spending an afternoon and enjoying the setting sun.


Trade Essex Road

Location: Essex Road, London

Status: Completed

Twist In Architecture's second Trade restaurant - this time in a popular residential area of De Beauvoir Town in London. As before we have dealt with an existing run-down space and put all our efforts to create a new, vibrant and typical-Trade warm and welcoming feel. Coffee and home-made food are the pride of the ‘Trade’ offer, and therefore the beautiful coffee machine and lovingly prepared food are found in the most prominent position of the shop on top of the fantastic solid mild steel counter. The material palette consists of warm elements like timber, plywood and brick, while copper mesh and copper tubes continue the Trade tradition of good industrial copper use.


Gunpowder Restaurant

Location: Spitalfields, London
Status: Completed

We were presented with a quirky brief to create a high-end Indian restaurant in the place of an existing curry-house type Indian restaurant (different owners). Given a highly constrained budget, we have formed the design philosophy to utilise what was already there as a real environmental project reducing the landfill considerably. We have used the chutney bowls to make lights, and existing unfashionable chairs to create the bar, creating a warm feel to complement their Michelin-Star cuisine.


House on Stilts – City Escape Cottage

Location: Belgrade, Serbia

Status: In Progress

We received this unusual brief for the redevelopment & extension of the existing river-house on stilts where the client wanted to build it themselves on a minimal budget. Our proposal included extending the concrete frame to the back for one field which allowed an additional extra area for the terrace and the internal areas. We have kept the existing building fabric, and the pitched roof which with the addition gave a butterfly pitched roof structure used for opening the views to the unspoiled forest at the back. The new roof structure also allowed for rainwater harvesting, stored to the side of the house. Internally, space orientates around a central fireplace, with additional storage/sleeping area located on top of the bathroom cubicle to the back.


VIP Lounge in Camden

Location: Camden, London
Status: Completed

A hidden gem in Camden, just for members. The scope was to completely sound-proof the members-only club in the middle of the residential terrace and form a club with excellent acoustics.


Health Mate

Location: Caledonian Road, London
Status: Completed

Twist In Architecture was commissioned in September 2014 to design an original coffee & 21st-century internet-cafe mix in King’s Cross busy Caledonian Road, 5 minutes away from the new art college & development at Granary Square N1C. We have created an industrial feel to the shop with the concept of exposing all services - including the computers and their feed to the sitting stations. We were also co missioned to design the bespoke lighting and the bespoke plywood furniture.


Ness Digital Engineering - London HQ

Location: Holborn, London
Status: Completed

A software company approached us to refurbish their office in Holborn, London. They presented us with a brief to form two separate meeting rooms in an existing office with a controlled permeability and the storage as the absolute priorities as a somewhat constrained budget. We came up with a modular joinery idea to reduce the construction cost and to allow the maximum flexibility in presenting the office and changing as they deem fit.


Jack The Clipper, Brick Lane

Location: Brick Lane, London
Status: Completed

Twist In Architecture was commissioned to propose a design for a hairdresser shop in trendy Brick Lane, east London. We wanted to combine the opposites – contemporary design with an established Victorian themed hairdresser brand; and the vibrant street’s history with a new building. The design theme focuses on the street’s name and history in making bricks and a variety of past and current communities in the neighbourhood. The design narrative is visible in 5 different brick portals in front of 5 hairdressing units – each modelled with a different type of vintage or new brick, bringing warmth, differentiation, texture and decoration in otherwise a contemporary designed shop.