Centre for Promotion of Sciences

Location: Belgrade, Serbia

Status: Concept

We have connected the greater urban environment into the proposed masterplan through pedestrian streets which form large open public spaces. We have identified that existing wide and busy roads create a ‘barrier’, and therefore we have based the design of the block to the existing and real limited entries. The Architectural design concept is primarily based on movement flows generated by analysing the site, the surrounding public entries, public transport and the surrounding infrastructure. The buildings plan form respects curved movements through the site, and the building's facade mirrors its surrounding active context resulting in a transparent, lively building.


Atlantic City Holocaust Memorial

Location: Atlantic City, USA

Status: Concept

Our proposal for the Atlantic City Holocaust Memorial Pavilion pays respect to all who have lost their lives as a result of ones inhumanity to another.  The memorial opens up from the boardwalk edge along a zig-zagged spine which signifies the journey from birth to childhood, adolescence, adulthood and old age, to a high point achieving a view to the ocean and reflection to the end of life. This journey is severed by long vistas pointing to the ocean edge which represents the memorial route. These passages are filled with thousands of moveable columns each filled with letters. Visitor interaction enables names, phrases, and sayings to be found, as a gesture of bringing back the memory through movement and discovery.


Rickstones Neighbourhood Centre

Location: Witham, Essex
Status: In Planning

We have been commissioned to design a new neighbourhood centre in Witham, Essex. This new planned significant development consists of 21 residential units and 450m2 of commercial space and the surrounding public space. Situated in a heavily constrained context the main architectural concepts originate from the landscape setting of the scheme, utilising the southern aspect for a dominant residential orientation and views. The street, north-facing facades are designed to be more formal addressing the nearby context in an appropriate way.


Rockhampton Aquatic Centre

Location: Rockhampton, Australia
Status: Completed, Awaiting professional photography

The Rockhampton Aquatic Centre project involves the design of the new masterplan and sets of new buildings and structures for a newly planned brief, all as a part of the overall regeneration of the existing Rockhampton’s Southside Memorial Pool complex. Our work, in collaboration with Liquid Blu, a Brisbane based Architectural practice, is to provide a Concept, Lead and Detail Design services for the overall scheme and the brief listed below:
Masterplan includes 50m FINA approved Olympic Pool; Refurbishment of the 25m Swimming pool; Refurbishment of the Diving pool; Children’s Leisure Pool; Landscaped Areas for Activity, BBQ and Leisure; Main New Building; Reception/Offices; Changing Amenities; Indoor Learn to Swim Pool; Cafe; Lounge and Retail; Main Refurbished Building; Community Area; Additional Changing Amenities


Detroit Focus, Detroit Riverfront

Location: Detroit, USA

Status: Concept

This submission represents our intention to unite two significant public spaces within downtown Detroit through a visual intervention and a solid strategy. The current urban plan offers immense potential for Campus Martius and Hart Plaza to be stitched together through one vision which brings the local community and residents, local businesses and visitors to enjoy a central active civic space.

The visual intervention is an optical sculpture which is constructed from mirrors that individually pivot to reflect the activity of either square back to one another. This sculpture is placed in the Detroit River, curved in plan and section with the Michigan Soldiers and Sailors Monument at the centre of its radius. Designed to tower over Hart Plaza, this optical sculpture will be seen from every corner of downtown and designed to be a new riverfront landmark offering new Detroit views and visuals of live events both within and outside Detroit. This sculpture is a representation of unity and the promotion of a new Detroit focus.


Port Douglas Lagoon

Location: Port Douglas, Australia

Status: In Progress

We were commissioned by Liquid Blu to come up with a creative concept for the human-made 'lagoon', a nature-inspired swimming pool with accompanying amenities. The brief was of particular interest to us as it called for innovative integration of architecture with nature to create a landscaped feel of the project.

We have come up with an idea to integrate all buildings within landscaped mounds creating a seamless landscaped project with uninterrupted vistas to the lagoon.


Green Square Aquatic Centre

Location: Sydney, Australia

Status: Competition

The regeneration of disused public space is an essential process in developing new opportunities for social exchange, wellbeing and community engagement. Our design exists as a series of connected platforms reinforcing the site history and our connection to the landscape. The inner city bock pattern is used to create sizeable elevated parkland over a series of open and enclosed volumes below. The facilities address the community-wide need for recreational facilities suitable for all ages, genders, and physical abilities. In recognition of the design briefs ‘Green’ vision, we have conceived this proposal as one large multi-level parkland. The design employs leading sustainable techniques in green roof technology, which encourages rainwater harvesting, helps insulate the building’s interior, and promotes new flora and fauna habitats.


Land Art (Resource) Generator

Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE

Status: Concept

What is the value of electricity? We view the production of electricity for the UAE concerning its consumption; any amount of electricity a land art installation could produce would simply be a drop in the ocean. So then, is electricity the problem? As technology and global thinking shift towards renewable energy production, the UAE finds itself fortunate in its abundance of solar energy. Its natural resources ensure that electricity production will never be a problem. Our land art [resource] generator aims to inspire society to question the processes that support their lifestyle. Our proposal is a physical representation of a natural cycle that harnesses solar energy to generate fresh water. By providing low energy alternatives to industrial desalination, we can still generate an excess of electricity for the grid.

Land Art Generator: work undertaken with Austin-Smith:Lord LLP


Yeosu Expo 2012 Thematic Pavilion

Location: Yeosu, South Korea

Status: Concept

Wind water and waves – a kinetic pavilion. Our design vision for the thematic pavilion for Expo 2012 Yeosu responds to the wave’s constant motion to generate a living envelope that shimmers and glows. Responding to the expo theme, ‘The Living Ocean and Coast’, our design discovers an architecture that is fluid, organic, and kinetic by proposing a floating outer layer, or exoskeleton, that is powered by movements of every wave and ripple of the water’s surface.


Sylvester House Public Realm

Location: Hackney, London
Status: In Progress

Our proposal for this community garden retains all the trees enabling us to mound the landscape to the existing height of the garden beds to create a soft and undulating terrain. We decided to soften the existing courtyard by removing the brick edged garden beds and replacing some of the hard concrete areas with grassland. We also maintained the central axis from Sylvester Road, under the entry arch through the courtyard by retaining the brick paving borders and infilling patches of the existing unsightly concrete with re-used cobblestones.