We have just completed our second round of ideas for the Sylvester House public realm and community courtyard. From advice given at our Tenants and Residents Association meetings, we concluded that a lower cost option would be more acceptable, therefore reducing the amount of waste material from the existing site became the highest priority. Our proposal retains all existing trees which enables us to  mound the landscape to the existing height of the garden beds to create a soft / undulating terrain. We decided to soften the existing courtyard by removing the brick edged garden beds and replacing some of the hard concrete area with grassland. We also maintained the main axis from Sylvester Road, under the entry arch through the courtyard by retaining the brick paving boarders and infilling patches of the existing unsightly concrete with re-used cobble stones.

We will present this scheme to the community at a Sylvester House open event in June for further community consultation.