T.I.A. were commissioned to produce a comprehensive design and set of construction drawings for the redevelopment and extension of a house on stilts on river Danube in Belgrade, Serbia. The property is used as a retreat from hectic and loud Belgrade down-town, and is located across the river from it. Built as a timber frame construction sitting on an elevated concrete slab supported by concrete columns, house is set in a combination of wild and cultivated forest with only a limited number of neighbouring properties from both sides.

The brief was unusual in the way the client wanted to build it themselves for a very limited budget. Our proposal included extending the concrete frame to the back for one field which allowed an additional extra area for the terrace and the internal areas. The existing building fabric and the pitched roof was used as much as possible and the additional internal area gave a butterfly pitched roof structure alike which was used for opening the views to the unspoiled forest at the back. New roof structure is also used for rainwater harvesting, which is then stored to the side of the house. Internally, the space is organised around an central fireplace, with additional storage / sleeping area located on top of the bathroom cubicle to the back.

The proposal is due to start on site in summer 2014 when Danube recedes back.