Our client presented a very simple brief which was to respect the spirit of the dwellings Victorian character but still create a contemporary loft refurbishment filled with sunlight. We responded to this brief by designing a suspended perforated gallery level which feels like floating above top floor level and is connected to the existing top floor level with a spiral stair.

We chose a rich spiral form derived from the Golden Section to produce a sweeping spiral stair which gives balance to both Victorian style and desired contemporary / industrial feel of the new space. The stair and gallery are forming a family of exposed black coated steel, steel cables, perforated steel deck and timber. The intervention responds to the volume’s symmetry with the spiral stair positioned along the centre line of the gallery and framed evenly between the dwellings chimney breasts. Through detailed exposed metal work and subtle baroque-like forms, this contemporary intervention also gives respect to the old Victorian spirit. The gallery utilises it’s west facing clear views to Clapham Common to give a wonderful place for spending afternoon and enjoying the settling sun.

To this end, we have fused Victorian proportions and curvaceous lines with careful contemporary detail all packaged into an industrial material palette to design a light soaked loft space.