T.I.A. were commissioned to design a residential development in Camberwell, South East London. The existing site contained a derelict building which had been left abandoned for over 35 years. During this time the building was closed and blocked up, filled with decades old disused old furniture, tools and junk.

The proposal for this Camberwell Residential project is a comfortable and specious two bedroom & two bathroom home consisting of a separate study (second bedroom), large dinning and kitchen space, spacious double height lounge area, winter terrace, roof terrace and the master bedroom with the master bathroom at the top.

The design philosophy is derived from the building’s history, client’s requirements and neighbourhood’s desperate need for regeneration. A clear architectural division is established between the ‘older’ part of the house and the new extension. We wanted to preserve the original look of the ‘old’ building, that the neighbouring residents are very familiar width, and to stay truthful to the original design and features. We also wanted to stay truthful to the contemporary client’s needs, requirements for light and aesthetic taste, so we proposed a fully glazed extension as a way to differentiate and complement the original look of the house. A dividing element is a structural element lining and separating old and new and supporting the new addition.

T.I.A. proposed a concept, the internal organisation of the house, and the external look of the house. The proposed diagram plans and visualisations were used as a base information for Planning and Building Regulations stages submitted by ‘Move Architecture’ (‘Move’ stopped operating and it was transformed into ‘Walker Cunnington Architects’) . After Planning was granted approval in late 2010, T.I.A. resumed works on the project and continued with architectural detailing and with on-site role. Our client has successfully moved into the house at the beginning of 2013.

Please follow this link to see the Time-Lapse animation of Glass delivery: